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Industries Incorporated

Wellex Industries, a publicly-listed company now in its 52nd year of corporate existence is the Mining and Petroleum investment arm of the The Wellex Group. For many years, the company (then known as Republic Resources and Development Corporation or “REDECO”) was engaged in mining and oil exploration activities, until it ventured into other interests, such as real estate, manufacturing and warehousing.

Among the many assets of Wellex Industries is the Plastic City Compound, which sits on 84 hectares of land in Valenzuela City. This compound which houses 44 industrial warehouses, boasts of complete facilities such as road, water, electricity and security.

The recent amendment of its articles of incorporation allows the company to employ capital for the purpose of assisting mining enterprises. Its secondary purpose, however, remains for operation of all types of business enterprises, such as property holding and development, management, manufacturing, investments and other businesses.