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The Wellex Industries Incorporated believes in strong partnerships. Thus, we are constantly in search of companies who share our vision and with whom we can develop the opportunities that the Philippines has to offer.

35th Floor, One Corporate Center
Julia Vargas Ave. corner Meralco Ave.
Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines 1605

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Telephone : (632) 706-7888

Facsimile  : (632) 706-5982

                   (632) 706-5980



35th Floor, One Corporate Center

Julia Vargas Ave. corner Meralco Ave.

Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines 1605


The Company’s corporate governance framework aims to provide a culture of ethical conduct, higher standards of performance, transparency and accountability throughout the organization and its subsidiaries. The Company’s corporate governance framework is discussed in a comprehensive SEC Annual Corporate Governance Report

Good Corporate Governance 2017

In adherence to good corporate governance, together with other affiliated companies,  Forum Pacific, Inc.’s directors and key officers completed Corporate Governance Seminar Program held on August 17, 2017 at Manila Pavilion, U.N. Avenue, Ermita, Manila. Some of the agendas discussed by the SEC accredited training provider, Risk, Opportunities, Assessment and Management (ROAM), Inc. are the following:

I. 2016 Code of Corporate Governance for Publicly-Listed Companies (PLCs)

Points Identified in the Corporate Governance Blue Print for Effective Corporate Governance Framework

Shareholders: their Rights of Ownership

Role of Institutional Investors and Financial Advisors

Duties to Other Stakeholders

Disclosure and Transparency

Board Roles and Responsibilities

Regulators’ roles and issues

16 Principles of the 2016 Code of Corporate Governance

Board’s Governance Responsibilities (1-7)

1. Competent Board Principle

2. Clear Roles & Responsibilities Principle

3. Establish Board Committees Principle

4. Foster Commitment Principle

5. Reinforce Board Independence Principle

6. Assess Board Performance Principle

7. Strengthen Board Ethics Principle

Disclosure & Transparency (8-11)

8. Enhancing Company Disclosure Policy and Procedure Principle

9. Strengthening External Auditor’s Independence and Improving Audit Quality Principle

10. Increase Focus on Non-Financial and Sustainability Reporting Principle

11. Promote Comprehensive and Cost Efficient Access to Relevant Information Principle

Internal Control & Risk Management Framework (12)

12. Strengthening Internal Control and Risk Management Principle

Cultivating a Synergic Relationship with Shareholders (13)

13. Promoting Shareholders Rights

Duties to Stakeholders (14-16)

14. Respecting Rights of Stakeholders and Effective Redress for Violation of Rights Principle

15. Encourage Employee Participation Principle

16. Sustainability and Creation of Shared Values Principle

II. SEC Financial Reporting Bulletin No. 20, Revised Statement of Management Responsibility

III. Global and Regional Trends in Corporate Governance for 2017

IV. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) & Corporate Governance

V. Corporate Governance Cases

Certificates of Completion on Corporate Governance Seminar 2017

Certificate – Rogelio D. Garcia

Certificate – Kenneth T. Gatchalian

Certificate – Elvira A. Ting

Certificate – William T. Gatchalian

Certificate – Lamberto B. Mercado, Jr.

Certificate – Richard L. Ricardo

Certificate – Omar M. Guinomla

Certificate – Joson T. Lim

Certificate – James B. Palit-Ang

Certificate – Sergio R. Ortiz-Luis, Jr.

Certificate – Byoung Hyun Suh

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